Launched in 2013, the Association now has over 600 members. Of these 150 are Corporate Members representing some 20,000 tutors throughout the UK.
Central to our Mission, Vision and Values is to represent tutoring and the supplementary education sector and become the ‘go to’ resource for tutors, the public, the media, schools and government.

Schools, pupils and parents are increasingly working more closely with tutors to help raise pupils’ attainment and confidence. Yet the role of tutors and supplementary educators has gone largely unrecognised.

The Tutors' Association seeks to change that and raise the sector’s profile by promoting tutoring as a viable profession and encouraging professional development. Membership-led, we are open and inclusive, valuing the involvement of all our members: to share ideas and experiences, to promote best practice, to be standard-bearers for responsible tutoring. ​

Our Purpose

​To create a community for members of the tutoring profession, where they can:
Exchange knowledge and experience
Get access to information and services that assist with their day-to-day work
Provide mutual support and encouragement

To provide a unified and coherent voice for the tutoring profession so that it can:
Engage constructively with all the other stakeholders in the provision of education
Help ensure that the profession is perceived accurately and positively
Create mutually beneficial partnerships within the wider educational landscape

​To provide reassurance to parents that the tutor they have selected:
Has committed to professional standards http://thetutorsassociation.org.uk/sites/default/files/uploads/Standards... by signing up to a code of conduct
Presents no known risk to their child by having been successfully DBS checked
Has proven their competence by providing testamentary evidence of the successful completion of tutorial engagements

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