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Association's President Adam Muckle's Speech to the Education Investor Conference 3rd May 2017
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Katie Matthews ATA - Journeys in Excellence Tutoring in Northern Ireland
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Tom Maher FTA, President of the Association 2013 to 2015 writes about Tutoring, private lessons, coaching, personal tuition, one-to-one and how we describe what we do might matter in the end.
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Improving Your Chances of Success
TTA Director Will Petty at the Independent Schools Show advises parents on improving their children's chances of success for school entrance and the role tutoring may have to play in the process:

‘Children become dependent on tutors and don’t learn to think or problem-solve for themselves'

‘Tutoring is counter-productive’ (says) child psychologist, Dr Katingo Giannoulis, who’s treated a stream of pupils from London’s most academic schools. ‘Children become dependent on tutors and don’t learn to think or problem-solve for themselves. The tutor becomes a crutch that makes them less confident, less self-sufficient and more anxious. ‘

This quote is taken from an article in the Daily Telegraph of 19th January, and it represents one of the most pernicious canards that still does the rounds of the educational circuit.
The whole point of (proper) tutoring is that it does precisely the opposite: it inculcates and develops life-long learning skills that have a horizon far more distant than the next set of exams.
At the TTA Conference back in October, one of Will Petty’s most trenchant points was that it is the job of every tutor to make him or herself redundant at the earliest opportunity for the very reason that is essential that tutors do NOT become a crutch on which the child comes to rely.
This is the approach that TTA has consistently taken and endorsed since our inception. We are equally confident that it is also the philosophy and approach that all our members take to their tutoring. But clearly it is still not sufficiently widely understood or respected in some parts of the educational community.
So can we encourage all our members, both individuals and corporate, to make this an overt part of their promise to parents when they are engaged. For our part, we will continue to challenge these views whenever they crop up in the media.

Feature Blogs

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Response to an article by Sir Peter Lampl of the Sutton Trust

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