The present Board, comprises the following members;

  • Adam Muckle MTA President
  • Tim Morris ATA Treasurer
  • Will Orr-Ewing ATA
  • William Petty ATA
  • Chris Sanders MA
  • Frederick Sugarman-Warner ATA
  • Emma Swanson ATA
  • Chris Lenton FTA, FCCA, FCIS Secretary

Panels of independent tutors have been constituted in specific areas so that the views of independent tutors may be communicated to the Board. (See a list of Panels below).

The Association has just sent out the notice calling nominations for seven Board members.

A copy of the constitution is available on request please email for a copy and is also available as a download from this site (see below)

  1. A Membership Panel, for dealing with membership issues – difficult to judge applications referred by the TTA Administrator, admissions appeals, and membership upgrades.
  2. A Marketing and Communications Panel, as the name suggests dealing with marketing membership acquisition.
  3. A Study Centre Panel
  4. The CPD & Event group
  5. The Online Panel
  6. An Audit Committee, for reviewing accounts and financial reporting (see the ICSA guidance on terms of reference).
  7. A Disciplinary and Ethics Committee, for consideration of any complaints lodged against Members (see ‘Complaints procedure’ in the Membership Booklet
  8. Memorandum and Articles, for The Tutors' Association Memorandum and Articles
  9. Board Regulations, for The Tutors' Association TTA Board Regulations.
  10. Standards, for The Tutors' Association Standards.

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